New Professional Navigators' Award

The RIN makes a regular award to encourage excellence in the field of professional navigation.

Who should enter

Nominations from ALL fields of navigation are invited. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Maritime (Royal & Merchant Navies)
  • Aviation (RAF & civil airlines) The Army
  • Satellite and radionavigation, R&D, surveying, location and timing industries
  • Air Traffic Control (civil & military)
  • Other organisations, such as the RNLI and Mountain Rescue Groups

How to enter

Candidates, between the ages of 18-28, must be nominated by a university, college, employer or cadet training organisation, who considers that their work or achievements - as a navigator in the widest sense - deserves recognition.

Candidates will be asked to submit a short paper to an Awards Panel explaining their work or achievements in their particular field of study or development.

The Awards Panel will invite the top four candidates to the Institute’s to receive their awards. The closing date is normally 31 March each year.

The Awards

The Top Professional Navigator will receive the trophy, to be retained for one year, plus a small trophy to keep, together with three years’ Membership of the RIN. The runners-up will all receive one years’ Membership of RIN, a medal and certificate. Sponsors may add to these awards.

It is hoped that this Award will encourage the interest of new professional navigators in the work of the Institute and help them, in turn, to improve their own qualifications and status through the Institute and bring the Institute to the notice of fellow navigators in a variety of professional fields.

A list of the candidates and the winners will be published in Navigation News, together with names of their place of work or educational facility, company etc.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship for these awards would be welcome from any Educational Bodies, Organisations or Companies that would be interested in promoting this Award. This would receive full acknowledgement in Navigation News and any other publication referring to the Award.

For details of sponsorship packages available contact:

 ‘New Professional Navigator Awards Panel’,
C/O Royal Institute of Navigation,
I Kensington Gore London
Tel: 020 7591 3135020 7591 3135

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