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Oct 2014, No26
HANG at Goodwood – Secret Cold War
Greenwich Conference
HANG North meeting
HANG Solent
Poem Requiem for an Air Gunner
Poem Luck
Matthew Parris on judging height
Navigator work station
Biggles proof of life
Readers’ letters – Chipmunk
Readers’ letters – Berlin Control Zone
Readers’letters – Kollsman periscopic sextant
The original low pass – video
Seafire XV – video
Car beneath F16 – photo

Mar 2014, No25
History of Navigation Conference
Elusive meeting at Thorney Island
Neatishead Radar
Ulric Cross
Lt-Cdr Don Ridgway
Navigator P&O
Gee and Loran in RAF service
Wind drift
Cody compass
Two pilots?
Any Old Iron
Its just a question of scale
There are spies and spies
The guy in the back
Photo: late lift off

Dec 2013, No24
Brian Kendal
Scottish Air Ambulance
Other aero events
Navigating with Alice
More rules of thumb
Double drift
Cold war targeting
More on the Gippy Compasses
A story of Z
Spitfire 944
This is air met
Genuine Spitfire clock
Photo - RTFM

Oct 2013, No23
Meetings – Thorney Island, schedule
Gee, Loran and beacons
V Force navigation
Flight accuracy trials of Hughes Periscopic Sextant
Signal pistol
Where are we heading
Photo of icy landing into hanger

Jun 2013, No22
Deaths – Paul Powter, Sqn Ldr Alfrie Fripp
Future meeting – HANG North
Sextants, octants and quadrants
Interception plotter/Craig computer
Morse code vs texting
File size
Use of GEE questions (Dave Pike)
Loran in lieu of H2S questions (Dave Pike)
Air Pictorial
Police dogs
Navigator remembers, Wakey Wakey
GEE charts answers
Kollman Sky Compass
Lancaster Wireless Officer position
Stopwatch with 360deg scale
Photo beware of low flying aircraft

Dec 2012, No21
May2013 meeting at Tangmere
Aug2013 meeting at RAF Coningsby
GEE enquiry
Swinging compass
Stopwatch 360deg calibration
Calculating ground speed
Baby Vulcans
File size
Plan Range Finder
6sec stop watch
RAF survival compass
Drift recorder
Beaufort Drift sight
AP1275 Instrument Manual
RFC manual

Jul 2012, No20
Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Day
Squ Ldr Norman Crookes
Rapid Processing Unit on the Blue Steel Victor
Calshot and Navigation Training
Observer Corps plotter & Darky
Emergency compass E2B
Newsletter file size
AC/2 pilot
P3 compass
Bentley Priory Museum
The last Gee navigator
Drift Recorder
Calculating Ground Speed from Air Speed
Search for Amelia Earhart’s plane
Appendix: The Rapid Processing Unit for the Blue Steel Victor

May 2012, No19
Previous meeting –Tangmere
Future joint meetings
HANG and Nav News
Mythical newsletter Dec09 No12
RAF GEE charts
Newsletter distribution
Air Pilotage
Hannibal’s navigation
Drift sight
Navigator’s office
Small silver compass
V1 compass, Addison Luard calculator, P3

Mar 2012, No18
Next meeting – helicopter operations
Soon meeting – Solent Maritime Aviation
Chichester’s Planisphere and Star Compass
Letters: Sixth Sense, P compasses, Thorney Island, eBay items, GPI
Dalton Flight Computers
Script of Lindbergh’s lecture Pt2
B47 Range Computer
F89 Attack Computer

Jan 2012, No17
Next meeting – helicopters at Tangmere
Navigation of the 1929 S Pole flight
Douglas Bader’s flight computer
Lindbergh lecture
Script of Lindbergh’s lecture Pt1
Preview of Solent Maritime Aviation
eBay GPI
Japanese WW2 Dalton
Chinook purchases
Greenwich “After Longitude” conference
Appendix 1: Nav installations for early flights

Aug 2011, No16
Previous meeting at Odiham
Farewell navigator
Large scale clandestine nav
AA aero map
Thorney Island
Triple calculator

May 2011, No15
Low level Chinook
Previous meeting Shoreham
Books – RAF Hist Soc, bequest, Nav with Alice
Banded AP
Farewell Navigator programme
Compass emergency, sun

Oct 2010, No14
Autumn meeting at Shoreham
Previous meeting at Tangmere
Solent Branch meeting at Gosport
Navigating with Alice

Apr 2010, No13
Previous talk, Maritime Museum
Format of meetings
Spring meeting at Tangmere
NACA report
They don’t do it like that any more
Byrd sextant
Zinc bath
Late use of sextant
RAF Historical Society Journals

Dec 2009, No12
Supposedly HANG news\newsletter 0912.rtf but no copy found

Aug 2009, No11
Report on Shoreham talk
Recording of HANG talks
Report on RAeS meeting
Preview of Sep NMM meeting
Preview of May Tangmere meeting
German navigation in WW1
Sextant use for real
Galvanised bath
RAF Historical Society journals
Origin of AP1234
Internet links
Instrument database

Mar 2009, No10

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