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OS looking at 'GPS road block'

Ordnance Survey and the Satellite Applications Catapult are investigating the nature and extent of interference to GNSS.

South Korea to bolster eLoran

South Korea is implementing an improved eLoran system in the wake of GPS jamming from their northern neighbours.

US concern over use of GLONASS

Under a typical headline 'Russian satellites may run US safety system', debate rages on use of GLONASS for emergency location.

PNT updates available

Presentations from the December meeting of the US National Space-Based PNT Advisory Board are available.

More US interest in eLoran

The US DoD has requested information on possible eLoran stand-alone and integrated receivers for position & timing purposes.

Upcoming GNSS launches

It will be a busy year for GNSS launches - see details below . .

OS looking at 'GPS road block'

OS 2.jpg

Ordnance Survey and the Satellite Applications Catapult are investigating the nature and extent of interference to GNSS.

OS is teaming up with the Catapult, a new type of independent innovation and technology company, on the GEMNet Project - to understand the nature and extent of interference on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS).

The interference can come from a variety of sources, including accidental emissions from radio and electronic equipment as well as deliberate jamming (often by criminals and others wishing to block GNSS trackers).

GEMNet’s primary objective is to discover the magnitude and characteristics of GNSS interference, and to support UK industry in developing solutions to eliminate the effect on receivers.

The OS Technical Change and Innovation Manager, Paul Cruddace MRIN, commented:
'GNSS technology, especially GPS, underpins key parts of our own operations as well as so much of our everyday lives; this project will allow OS to better understand the potential external threats of both today and tomorrow.'

Stuart Martin, CEO of the Satellite Applications Catapult, adds:
'The Catapult is delighted to be working with Ordnance Survey on this important project. Our Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) team working on GEMNet will make an important contribution to our understanding and response to the interference issues.'

The project has several objectives, including:
- collating compelling and independent evidence of interference on GNSS receivers
- developing an early understanding of the impact of interference on GNSS users
- targetting industry organisations to join future phases of the project

Results should support industry and academic efforts to develop ways to combat threats to transport, critical infrastructure and many other applications.

Details from OS below . .

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