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GPS IIF-8 Launch

The next GPS launch is scheduled for 29 October from Cape Canaveral.

Successful Indian navsat launch

IRNSS-1C - the 3rd satellite in the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) - was launched this morning.

Future GNSS launches

Seven navigation satellites are due to be launched over the next 6 months.

Galileo launch failure explained

The Independent Inquiry Board has announced definitive conclusions on the Fregat upper stage anomaly.

Galileo services delegated

The European Commission (EC) has delegated Galileo exploitation tasks to the European GNSS Agency (GSA).

Indian nav satellite launch postponed

Today's - 9 October - planned launch of the 3rd Indian Navigation Satellite has been postponed for a week.

GPS IIF-8 Launch


The next GPS launch is scheduled for 29 October from Cape Canaveral.

An Atlas V 401 will launch the Boeing GPS IIF-8 satelite - the 8th of a batch of 12 'F' follow-on replacement spacecraft - from Space Launch Complex (SLC)-41 on 29 October at 1321 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) or 1721 UTC; the launch window lasts for 18 minutes.

GPS IIF-8 - assigned SVN-69/PRN-03 - is due to replace SVN-51 in the E plane slot 1. SVN-51 will be re-phased from E1 to an auxiliary node.

The current satellite SVN-38/PRN-08 will be taken out of the operational constellation as IIF-8 (SVN-69) is commissioned, permitting the new SVN-69 to use the code PRN-08. The old SVN-38 was launched on 5 November 1997, successfully serving almost 17 years - 9.5 years beyond its designed service life.

The IIF-8 launch can be viewed on a live webcast opening at 1301 EDT (1701 UTC) at the link below . .

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