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Successful GPS launch

GPS IIF-8 was launched from Cape Canaveral on 29 October.

Met Office's new supercomputer

The new supercomputer will 'cement the UK's position as a world leader in weather and climate prediction'.

European Satellite Navigation Competition Winners

An international jury of over 240 experts from public institutions, research areas and industry have evaluated the entries.

Back to Zulu . .

Europe has reverted to 'natural' time for the winter period - until 29 March 2015.

GPS IIF-8 Launch

The next GPS launch is scheduled for 29 October from Cape Canaveral.

Successful Indian navsat launch

IRNSS-1C - the 3rd satellite in the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) - was launched this morning.

Successful GPS launch

GPS IIF-8.jpg

GPS IIF-8 was launched from Cape Canaveral on 29 October.

The United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 was launched at 1321 local (1721 UTC), with signal acquisition about 3.5 hours later.

GPS IIF-8 - assigned SVN-69/PRN-03 - is due to replace SVN-51 in slot E1. SVN-51 will be re-phased from E1 to an auxiliary node. SVN-69 is expected to enter full operational service during December.

The current GPS constellation now comprises 38 satellites, 31 of which are active.

This was the 4th and last launch of a GPS 2F satellite this year. Launches of the remaining 4 IIF satellites are planned for:
- IIF-9: March 2015
- IIF-10: June 2015
- IIF-11: September 2015
- IIF-12: January 2016

Launch of the first of the next-generation GPS III satellites is now expected in December 2016. Development of the satellites and the associated Operational Control Segment (OCX) has slipped by around 2 years.

Details from Boeing and Space News below . .

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