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William Bligh Lecture RAF Wyton Thursday 19th June 2014

Change of Start Time

Fairway titles

Fairway 35 and 36 for all to see.

Paul Boissier Talk 21-11-2013

COLREGS - Paul Boissier talks about Yachts and Big Ships: For How Long Should a Yacht Stand On ?

RIN Questionnaire 2013

Please fill in this questionnaire so we can get some feed back concerning what you use in electronic navigation or otherwise?

Acoustic monitoring of nocturnally migrating birds accurately assesses the ..


UK airline statistics

The CAA has issued figures for UK airlines during May 2014 - they make interesting reading.

William Bligh Lecture RAF Wyton Thursday 19th June 2014

bligh - Copy.jpg

Change of Start Time

Members intending to attend the Life and Times of William Bligh Lecture at RAF Wyton on Thursday 19th June should note that the start time has been moved forwards by RAF Wyton from 15.00 to 13.45. Please arrive at the new Station Heritage Centre about 13.30. We expect to finish by about 15.00.

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