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The East Midlands Branch is a small friendly group who meet or arrange visits up to twelve times a year. Membership generally covers the area from south of the Humber to north of the southern tip of the Wash and from east of the Pennines to the North Sea, but nothing is set in concrete. There is no rigid boundary between the south of our area and the north of the Anglian Branch area, or the west of our area and the east of the North West Branch Area. 

Evening meetings usually take place in Room A19 of the Nottingham Geospatial Building, University of Nottingham Innovation Park, Triumph Road, Nottingham, NG7 2TU on dates set out in the RIN annual programme, Navigation News and in the events sections of this website. Visits are also advertised in the same way. Members of other Branches are always welcome at our events as we are at theirs. Evening meetings usually start at 19.00 and tea and coffee is available from 19.00.  Our March meeting is usually held at RAF Cranwell in conjunction with the RAF Cranwell Branch of the RAeS.

Our policy is to attempt to cover all aspects of navigation during the year including land, air, sea, and space at a level which can be followed by all. In our first five years we’ve had talks about: Navigating Steam Trawlers to Iceland in the 1930s; The History of Global Navigational Satellite Systems; the 1914 Battle of the Falklands Is; The History of the Vulcan; and much more. We’ve also: sailed in the Humber Survey vessels; sailed in the Humber Sloop Amy Howson; had Summer Fun Evenings; visited East Midlands Air Traffic Control; and visited the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. Our biggest event each year is to organise a History of Air Navigation Day called HANG North. The most recent was dedicated to the Canberra aircraft and was held at Newark Air Museum. For the last two January’s we’ve organised a Saturday Seminar. This year's seminar covered the theme Maps, Carts and Intelligence.  

Attendance at East Midlands Branch events is open to: paid up RIN members; members’ partners; and guests. We appreciate that some of our guests for one reason or another will find it impractical to become Members or Associate Members of the Institute. To regularise such situations, there exists in RIN Council Rules provision for accepting a small number of Local Branch Members. 

Local Branch Members have no Membership privileges apart from voting at their Branch AGM, and attending East Midland Branch Events. They do not receive a personal copy of Navigation News, or have access to the Journal of Navigation, and they are not entitled to join any RIN Special Interest Group.

Our Branch Chairman is Steve Hogarth and our Branch Secretary is David Pike. Both may be contacted via emids@rin.org.uk

We are always ready to welcome new members and guests, and we would also be interested to hear from people who would be prepared to talk to us at our meetings or invite us for visits to their establishments.

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