About the Animal Navigation Group

The Animal Navigation Group (ANG) provides a focal point for members interested in animal migration, orientation and navigation within the RIN.

Currently there are 205 members. The Group acts as a forum to disseminate news on animal navigation, orientation and migration through its newsletter and conferences which run on a three year cycle. The next of these animal navigation conferences will be RIN 19.

Chairman and Honorary Secretary ANG

The Chairman, Dr Miriam Liedvogel FRIN, is interested in the phenomenon of bird migration and with her work in linking behavioural traits to their underlying molecular mechanisms. The focus of her Max Planck Research Group is on understanding the genetic architecture of migratory traits.  The Honorary Secretary, Dr Emily Baird, Asistant Professor Vision Group, Lund University, Sweden, is interested in understanding the role of vision in animal navigation. This work includes investigations into orientation behaviour in dung beetles, visual flight control strategies in flying insects and visual swimming control in fish

E-mail animal-forum

In addition to the newsletter, the ANG runs an e-mail animal-forum to provide an international link between research scientists and other interested people over the whole range of research disciplines that relate to animal navigation, including orientation, migration, neurobiology, animal behaviour, sensory physiology and ecology. It was formed in 2000 and has 469 members, mostly Professors and PhD experimental biologists, drawn from 39 countries around the world. 126 members of the animal-forum have agreed to cooperate on animal-navigation research projects. To join the animal-forum send an e-mail to  RIN-ANIMAL-NAV-FORUM@peach.ease.lsoft.com with the text:

"Subscribe RIN-ANIMAL-NAV-FORUM [followed by your] full name".

For example, a Professor John Bloggs would send: "Subscribe RIN-ANIMAL-NAV-FORUM Professor John Bloggs"

Note: This text must form the first line of the e-mail

To send information to the animal-forum

Animal-forum members should send an e-mail to RIN-ANIMAL-NAV-FORUM@peach.ease.lsoft.com followed by the information text

To reduce the probability of viruses being circulated, members should try to avoid sending attachments (maximum size permitted 2 MB). When members have information contained in a large file, it is preferable to mention this in the text of the e-mail and to ask members to get in touch if they wish to receive a copy.

To remove  your name from the animal-forum

Send an e-mail to LISTSERV@peach.ease.lsoft.com with the following text: unsubscribe RIN-ANIMAL-NAV-FORUM followed by your full name

For example, a Professor John Bloggs would send: unsubscribe RIN-ANIMAL-NAV-FORUM Professor John Bloggs

To rejoin the animal-forum

Send an e-mail to LISTSERV@peach.ease.lsoft.com with the following text:

subscribe RIN-ANIMAL-NAV-FORUM followed by your full name 

In case of difficulty

Send an e-mail to Miriam Liedvogel liedvogel@evolbio.mpg.de stating the problem.

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