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All roads lead to Preitenegg

An in-vehicle satnav error is re-routing drivers across Europe via a small Austrian village.

A pretty Austrian mountain village has acquired prominence among satnav users after a glitch has seen drivers as far away as the UK being rerouted through it to avoid traffic.

The tiny picturesque village of Preitenegg, nestled near the Styrian mountains and with a population of less than 1,000, might sound pleasant - but it could lead to a diversion of more than 2,000km from anywhere in Europe.

All roads seem to lead to the village for users of a in-vehicle satnav from manufacturer Garmin, when it suggests alternative routes to avoid traffic incidents - regardless of whether drivers are actually travelling from London to Edinburgh or Berlin to Munich.

It is reported that customers from all over Europe, including in the UK, have been pointing out the error to Garmin since July. But, common sense appears to have prevailed and there have been no reports of anyone actually following the satnav advice and arriving lost at the village.

One Garmin forum user wrote of his satnav: 'When playing with it today to learn my way around, I was investigating traffic incidents and was surprised to see that the listing for all of them had the word ‘Preitenegg’ at the beginning . . Preitenegg is a town in Austria - I am in England.'

Garmin has announced that it is working to fix the error, saying in a statement: 'Our engineers have found the problems arise particularly in devices where only one sub-region, such as Western Europe, is installed. We are pleased though, that Garmin has helped Preitenegg to become much better known . . but we are currently working on a solution and will resolve the problem with the next map update.'

Details from The Telegraph below . .

  • 24 November 2015
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