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Indoor navigation to improve?

Next week sees a demonstration of accurate indoor navigation requiring no special infrastructure.

Developer of mobile indoor navigation software, Russian company IndoorSpirit, will demonstrate its product at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from 2 to 5 March.

The infrastructure-free - with no beacons - mobile indoor navigation software engine claims to reliably provide a 1m accuracy, based on sophisticated data fusion algorithms integrating smartphone sensors’ data, radio and geomagnetic fingerprints with floor plan constraints.

The software uses smartphone gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer, barometer and radio - Long Term Evolution (LTE - 4G phones+), WiFi, near-field comms (NFC) and Bluetooth - together with floor plans.

The software engine is targeted for retailers in partnership with global technology companies and indoor location-based service (LBS) and map providers. IndoorSpirit's goal is to take the shopping experience to the next level - allowing one to automatically determine position and easily find the route to specified products on the map, as well as receive useful personal information on the smartphone, based on in-store location.

The demand for precise indoor positioning appears to be caused by continuing competition between retailers and point-of-sale (POS) marketeers in efforts to attract consumers’ attention, to cause them to buy more. Consumers, on the other hand, want an integrated in-store, online and mobile shopping experience, depending on their current position.

IndoorSpirit’s CEO comments:
'Mobile indoor geo-services are the next multi-billion dollar market. Today, real accuracy of indoor positioning using Wi-Fi, Cell ID and iBeacons, is not enough for useful mobile geo-information and geo-advertising services. IndoorSpirit is focusing on heterogeneous data fusion algorithms, keeping the open architecture for integration of newest mobile sensors useful for orientation indoors and seamless indoor/outdoor positioning.'

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  • 27 February 2015
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