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Fined for using Google Glass

A Californian woman has been issued with a traffic ticket for driving while wearing Google Glass.

The lady was issued with a ticket for speeding and wearing the smart spectacles while driving - she was cited for breaking a Californian law which prohibits people 'watching TV' while driving.

Google Glass creates a form of head-up display (HUD) focused well ahead of one eye; it can be used to convey data or scenes and may be used for in-vehicle navigation - giving a typical driving guidance display on the see-through HUD.

The lady was charged in San Diego with both driving at 80 mph in a 65 mph zone and 'driving with monitor (Google Glass) visible to driver'. Apparently the officer explained that wearing the smart spectacles was a danger because they could obscure her view of the road and other vehicles.

In her defence, she stated that she regularly drove while wearing the glasses but never turned Glass on. She is now considering whether to fight the ticket on the grounds that the device was turned off.

The outcome of this case could prove critical for the future of Google Glass in the driving environment - and even for the use of HUDs in vehicles.

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  • 01 November 2013
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