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Summary of the Space Weather Colloquium

Baska, Krk Island, September 27th – 29th, 2013.

Members of the Colloquium:

Research assistants/PhD students - Josip Vukovic, Marko Sevrovic, Pavel Najman, Mario Miler and David Brcic
Professors - Tomislav Kos, Hrvoje Gold and Renato Filjar


Space Weather Colloquium brought together individuals from different branches of science in Baska, the venue of RIN Annual Baska GNSS Conference. The auditorium consisted of PhD students and university professors with affiliation to Faculties of Transport and Traffic Sciences, Geodesy, Engineering and Computing and Maritime Studies, respectively. The primary objective of the colloquium were interconnection, knowledge transfer, idea exchange, discussion of related subjects and professional networking, followed by discussion of each student's research field. On the second day of the colloquium, space weather effects on GNSS topics were discussed. The discussion addressed participants’ previous work on the assessment of space weather effects on performance and operation of satellite navigation systems, working research problems encountered, and preparation of scientific publications and doctoral thesis.
In this broad and dynamic discussion (to put it mildly), the space weather effects were analyzed and distinguished as standard and extreme, taking both ionosphere and geomagnetic causes into consideration. The possibilities were considered by means of using GNSS receivers not as the positioning device, but, using terms of reverse engineering, as a sensor; with its performance and behavior pattern, the receiver can be used as indicator, presenting satellite environment (giving, for example, the state of the ionosphere, multipath intensity, or any other related phenomena) of the certain area.
Apart from the main topic, standard and future SNS/SBAS applications were discussed, with implementation in transport and traffic in particular. The attention was paid on the growing threat of GNSS signals deliberate interference (specially spoofing), along with the impact on all systems using satellite navigation as a critical component (ECDIS, for instance).
However, it was not just the scientific research that took place; there was a serious, working BBQ to be performed despite hostile weather conditions. Nevertheless, this multidisciplinary, cheerful, relatively young bunch of people succeeded even in this segment. We managed to meet, connect and share experiences. It was only the first date, springboard for further (hopefully near-future) constructive meetings.

David Brcic

  • 07 October 2013
  • Croatian Branch

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