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NAV Force Five To Expand Tech Horizons In 2013-14

The pace of chance in the navigation world is increasing –which is why one or two NAV conferences each year is no longer enough.

From November 2013-March 2014, the Royal Institute of Navigation – the world’s premier navigation institute – will be bringing you not one, not two, but five specialised navigation conferences, each targeted to expand its delegates’ minds on what is possible right now, and what is just around the next accurately mapped corner.

26 November
Smartphones for navigation – do they answer the prayer?
NCVO, 8 All Saints Street, London N1 9RL

Putting GPS in people’s pockets and making it accessible and easy with a host of low-cost mapping apps, smartphones are rocking the navigation world – on land, at sea and in the air. This conference will bring together system developers, smartphone and tablet manufacturers, regulators and the end users to review what’s currently available, understand the needs of users, share practical experience and identify ongoing challenges. Everything you ever wanted to know about smartphone navigation, but were too confused to ask will be covered at the NCVO. Find your way there. Or better still, ask your phone.

30 January
Autonomous Road Vehicles

Autonomous driving has been developing rapidly since the 1980s, to the extent that some US states have already passed the necessary laws allowing autonomous cars on the roads.
In this one day conference at the University of Nottingham, we’ll be looking at questions like:
• What has been achieved so far?
• What technical barriers remain?
• What about concerns over misuse, including terrorism, privacy, and responsibility when things go wrong?
• How will all stakeholder needs be met: can vulnerable road users and older vehicles be accommodated?
• How far will automated driving develop? And
• What milestones do we expect?

Be there - or the cars will leave without you...

12-13 February
GNSS Vulnerabilities and Resilient PNT
National Physical Laboratory, Teddington

Next up is a conference so big it has to run over two days – 12-13 February – at the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington. We all know about Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) like GPS. But do we know about their vulnerabilities? And how can we achieve resilient position, timing and navigation (PNT) in the event that GPS and similar signals go down?

The threats to GNSS availability continue to grow – jamming is easy, spoofing is possible - at the same time as more and more critical and commercial infrastructure is becoming reliant on GNSS. Work is progressing to make GNSS more resilient against threats such as jamming, spoofing, adjacent channel interference, space weather and signal obstruction. However, truly robust position, navigation and timing will always require a combination of dissimilar PNT technologies. This massive two-day event presents the very latest developments on all three of these topics: GNSS vulnerability, GNSS resilience and non-GNSS PNT technologies.

To find out what to do when the GPS lights go out – take a map to Teddington.

18 February
Nav-Maritime – The User Revolution
Trinity House, London

NAV-Maritime this year, on 18 February at Trinity House, London, will examine how continued advances in technology are making major impacts on the way that vessels are navigated - and the mindset that is needed for safe navigation. The next generation of navigational equipment is poised to take us to new levels of integrity and resilience. How will this affect the role of the navigator and the future of shipping? NAV-Maritime looks at the technology from today into the near future and considers the implications that arise on the bridge and onshore.

Presentations at this conference will cover:

• The Technology Revolution
• Navigation and pilotage
• E-communications for navigation
• Towards more automation

Don't get lost at sea - make your way to Trinity House and see the future.

26 March
NAV-Aviation – The Impact of New Technology on Capacity and Efficiency
Farnborough Aerospace Consortium

In the new era of air travel, capacity and efficiency are the golden rules – meaning more planes in the air, closer, faster and yet safer than ever before. This conference will show how changes in technology and related procedures are helping to increase airspace capacity and improve the efficiency of operations for all aircraft.

Prices for these conferences are £80+VAT for RIN or KTN Members, and £100+VAT for Non-Members.

To sponsor or exhibit at the conference, contact Conference Manager Sally-Anne Cooke on 020 7591 3135 or

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