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ECDIS training clarified

The UK MCA has produced guidance on training for ECDIS as a primary means of navigation, clarifying what training is acceptable.

The 'Notice' applies to all UK-flagged vessels which have an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) as their primary means of navigation - in particular to:
- shipowners
- masters and deck officers of merchant and fishing vessels
- commerciallly and privately operated yachts and sail training vessels
- those concerned with maritime training

It explains that the master and all navigation officers of UK-flagged vessels using ECDIS as their primary means of navigation are required to have completed both generic and ship-specific equipment ECDIS training. Under those two headings, the following is acceptable:

Generic Training:
- A completion certificate for a MCA-approved NARAS course (Operational or Management) issued after 1 Jan 05.
- Completion of a MCA-approved ECDIS course based on the ECDIS section of the MNTB NARAS Training Guide (Second (2004) or subsequent Edition).
- Completion of an ECDIS programme based on the IMO Model ECDIS Course (1.27) approved by the MCA or by the Maritime Administration of a EU Member State.

Carriage of any one of the above certificates, together with reference to this notice, should satisfy Port State Control Officers (PSCO) that the holder meets the required ECDIS generic training requirement.

Ship-Specific Equipment Training:
- Training should relate to the ECDIS fitted - it will be necessary to attend a training course for each different system a master or navigation officer is expected to operate.
- This training should build on MCA-approved ECDIS generic training, and be delivered by the manufacturer; its approved agent or a trainer who has attended such a programme.
- Trickle-down training - one officer training another - is not acceptable.
- Training should concentrate on functionality and effective use, covering at least:
- - Familiarisation with available functions, menu structure, display setup and setting of safety values.
- - Recognition of alarms and malfunction indicators and the actions to be taken.
- - Route planning and monitoring.
- - Changing to backup systems.
- - Loading charts and licenses and updating of software.

Details from the MCA below.

  • 10 February 2011
  • MTNG

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