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William Bligh Lecture RAF Wyton Thursday 19th June 2014

Change of Start Time

Fairway titles

Fairway 35 and 36 for all to see.

Paul Boissier Talk 21-11-2013

COLREGS - Paul Boissier talks about Yachts and Big Ships: For How Long Should a Yacht Stand On ?

RIN Questionnaire 2013

Please fill in this questionnaire so we can get some feed back concerning what you use in electronic navigation or otherwise?

Magnetic anisotropy and organization of nanoparticles in heads and antennae..

Magnetic anisotropy and organization of nanoparticles in heads and antennae of neotropical leaf-cutter ants, Atta colombica

Summer Fun Evening 17th June 2014

Members inspect John Britten’s 1930 Austin Seven Tourer

Olympics airspace opens

Olym Restricted.jpg

Although there are almost two weeks to go to the opening ceremony, the Olympics airspace opens today.

The Olympics Prohibited and Restricted Zones come into force on 14 July and remain until 15 August, with smaller areas later covering the Paralympics.

The Olympic Games themselves run from Friday 27 July to Sunday 12 August, with the Paralympics from Wednesday 29 August to Wednesday 9 September.

The following additional visitors are expected over the period:
- an additional 500,000 visitors by air
- 70,000 overseas 'games family'
- around 20,000 media
- approx 3,000 additional business aviation flights
- approx 150 Head-of-State flights - not including any other ministers

On 10 March, the Institute's General Aviation Navigation Group (GANG), together with the Airspace & Safety Initiative (ASI), held the 'official' UK briefing on Olympic airspace restrictions. Presentations from that day can be downloaded from the RIN site below, with more info and updates available from the ASI link.

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