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William Bligh Lecture RAF Wyton Thursday 19th June 2014

Change of Start Time

Fairway titles

Fairway 35 and 36 for all to see.

Paul Boissier Talk 21-11-2013

COLREGS - Paul Boissier talks about Yachts and Big Ships: For How Long Should a Yacht Stand On ?

RIN Questionnaire 2013

Please fill in this questionnaire so we can get some feed back concerning what you use in electronic navigation or otherwise?

Successful GPS launch

GPS IIF-8 was launched from Cape Canaveral on 29 October.

How Hawkmoths Sniff Out a Flower

How Hawkmoths Sniff Out a Flower

New Galileo Contract


Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) has signed a contract with OHB for a second batch of Galileo payloads.

The €80 (£63, $98) million contract - signed at the Farnborough International Airshow - is for the construction of a further eight navigation payloads for the Galileo programme.

The navigation payloads are for the second batch of Full Operational Capability (FOC) satellites, adding to the cooperative effort between the two companies to build the first 14 satellites, initiated in 2010 under ESA's supervision.

Work has already begun on the new batch of payloads - the first is due for delivery in early 2014.

SSTL is responsible for the navigation payloads that will provide all of Galileo’s services. They are assembled and tested at SSTL’s Kepler Technical Facility in the UK. The payloads are based on European-sourced equipment, and include atomic clocks, navigation signal generators, high power travelling wave tube amplifiers and antennas.

The SSTL-OHB team is currently integrating the first of the FOC satellites at OHB’s facilities in Bremen, Germany. It is due for launch next year.

The final pair of the four In-orbit Validation (IOV) satellites is due for launch in late September 2012.

Details from SSTL below.

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