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Sarah Purchase

It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death of Sarah Purchase on 9 November.

William Bligh Lecture RAF Wyton Thursday 19th June 2014

Change of Start Time

Fairway titles

Fairway 35 and 36 for all to see.

Paul Boissier Talk 21-11-2013

COLREGS - Paul Boissier talks about Yachts and Big Ships: For How Long Should a Yacht Stand On ?

RIN Questionnaire 2013

Please fill in this questionnaire so we can get some feed back concerning what you use in electronic navigation or otherwise?

Sensitivity and entanglement in the avian chemical compass

Sensitivity and entanglement in the avian chemical compass

Non-GPS navigation introduced


BAE Systems has introduced its 'Navigation via Signals of Opportunity' (NAVSOP) system, which is independent of GPS.

The new system claims to be able to calculate its position by making use of the hundreds of different signals that are all around us - not an entirely new concept, but one being taken to greater capability.

BAE explains that NAVSOP is resistant to hostile interference such as jamming and spoofing, and can learn from unidentified signals to build an ever more accurate and reliable fix - indeed, even signals from GPS jammers can be exploited.

The infrastructure for NAVSOP already exists - the hardware behind the system is already in place. And it can be integrated into existing positioning devices to provide superior performance to stand-alone GPS.

A major advantage claimed for the system is its ability to function in places where GPS is unavailable, such as dense urban areas and deep inside buildings. It is also able to work in the most remote parts of the world, such as the Arctic, by using signals that include low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellites.

NAVSOP is being proposed for a wide range of potential military applications, from aiding the military in remote or dense urban areas to providing improved security for UAVs.

The research is apparently generating interest in both defence and civilian domains, where its uses could include helping fire and rescue services in smoke filled buildings and enhancing the safety of lone workers and security staff.

Details from BAE below.

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