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Olympics interception advice launched

Olympics Air.jpg

Further guidance on procedures to be used to intercept aircraft infringing the Olympics airspace has been released.

The guidance - on the procedures to be used by the military to intercept aircraft infringing the Olympics airspace security zones - has now been released by the Airspace & Safety Initiative (ASI).

A 'quick guide' leaflet and a dedicated podcast are now available to advise pilots on what to do in the event of an interception.

ASI recommends that any pilot planning to fly close to the boundary of the Restricted Zone (R112 on the Olympics airspace charts) should read or listen to the information in case they inadvertently stray into the zone.

The podcast was recorded by some of the actual RAF flight crews who will be scrambled to intercept aircraft infringing the Restricted Zone during London 2012. The Typhoon and Puma pilots give firsthand advice that could be invaluable during a genuine interception.

The guidance can be found at the link below - as can the presentations from the RIN Olympics briefing day.

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