aatto (SI unit multiplier of 10^18).
asemi-major axis of ellipse (for WGS-84 = 6,378,137 m).
A/D(a/d) aerodrome.
A1ACW telegraphy (eg morse code) keying the transmitted signal.
A2ACW telegraphy (eg morse code) keying the modulation only.
AAAircraft Address (unique ident 24 bit ident number - ICAO Mode S).
AAAairfield avoidance area.
AAAFAssociation Aeronautique et Astronautique de France.
AACaeronautical/airline administrative communications.
AACArmy Air Corps.
AADAdditional Airworthiness Directive.
AADassigned altitude deviation.
aaeabove aerodrome elevation.
AAFArmy Air Field (US).
AAIAirports Authority of India.
AAIangle of approach/attack indicator.
AAIBAir Accidents Investigation Branch (of UK DfT).
AAIMaircraft autonomous integrity monitoring.
aalabove aerodrome level.
AALAAdventure Activities Licensing Authority (UK).
AAPSAutomated Aid Positioning System (US).
AATCUATCOs' union in Serbia & Montenegro.
ABAble Seaman.
ab initio'from the beginning' (elementary training).
A-bandNATO radar band 0-250 MHz = > 1.2 m.
ABASaircraft-based augmentation system.
ABIPAdvisory Board of Interested Parties (EASA).
ABLOSAdvisory Board on the Law of the Sea (IHO, IAG & IOC).
abmabeam (at 90 degrees to track).
ABnaerodrome beacon.
ABOIAssociation of British Offshore Industries.
ABPactive bus priority (traffic lights).
ABPAssociation of British Ports. London based private company owning several UK ports.
ABSAcoustic Backscatter System .
ABSAmerican Bureau of Shipping (classification society). HQ Houston, TX, USA. European HQ London.
ABSAutomatic Blink System (LORAN-C integrity channel).
absolute accuracy(geodetic or geographic accuracy). The accuracy of a position with respect to the geographic or geodetic coordinates of the earth (IMO).
ACAdmiralty Chart.
ACAdvisory Circular (FAA).
ACaltocumulus cloud.
ACAnalysis Centre (IGS).
AC(YPS) ActActivity Centres (Young Persons' Safety) Act 1995 (UK).
AcaciaProject to develop a definitive, consistent and joined-up national infrastructure of property addresses and related data with the related mapping. OS, HMLR, RoS, Valuation Office Agency (VOA), Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) and Royal Mail.
ACAREAdvisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe.
ACARSAircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System (ARINC). Civil air data link for air-to-ground business and ATS messages.
ACASAirborne Collision Avoidance System (=TCAS in USA). ACAS-II current from 2000. Mandatory in Europe for ac >5,700 kg MTOW or >19 pax seats from 1 Jan 05.
Accaltocumulus castellanus cloud.
ACCaadaptive cruise control.
ACCaAntarctic Circumpolar Current.
ACCbarea control centre (ATC - international; ARTCC in US).
ACCLAIMAntarctic Circumpolar Current Levels by Altimetry and Island. Contributes to the World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE) of the World Climate Research Programme.
accuracyThe degree of conformance between the estimated or measured parameter of a craft at a given time and its true parameter at that time (IMO).
ACDSAeronautical Charts and Data Section (CAA).
ACEAdvanced Configurable EGI.
ACEATM Cost-Effectiveness (EUROCONTROL Benchmarking Report).
ACEAAssociation des Constructeurs Europeens d'Automobiles. Represents the interests of 13 European car, truck and bus manufacturers.
ACEMAgence de Cooperation pour Europe de la Mer (= ECMA).
ACFautocorrelation function.
ACFDadvanced civil flight deck.
ACIAirports Council International. 573 members with 1,640 airports in 178 countries (2008).
ACNActive Control Network (UK OS).
ACNAirspace Co-ordination Notice.
ACOAircraft Certification Office.
ACPAirspace Change Proposal (UK CAA).
ACRaerodrome control radar.
ACRUDAAssessment and Certification Rules for Digital Architectures (EU).
ACTDadvanced concept technology demo.
ActMAPEC project to bring real-time info to in-vehicle digital maps.
ACZaerodrome control zone.
ADair data.
ADAirworthiness Directive. Issued by airworthiness authority to correct a defect found after certification. Mandatory.
ADAadvisory area (ATC).
ADACUadvanced digital antenna control unit (eg for GPS steerable array).
ADAMAirport Datum Management Program (US).
ADASAdvanced Driver Assistance System.
ADCaerodrome control(ler).
ADCair data computer.
ADCanalogue-to-digital converter.
ADCCAir Defence Control Centre.
ADCPAcoustic Doppler Current Profiler.
ADDaircraft-derived data.
ADDairstream direction detector.
ADDaverage delay per delayed flight (air traffic flow management).
Address PointDataset to uniquely define & locate residential, business and public postal addresses in GB. Matches info fm OS digital map databases with >26 million addresses in the Royal Mail PAF.
ADEOSADvanced Earth Observation Satellite (Japan).
ADEXPATS Data Exchange Protocol (EATMP).
ADFautomatic direction find(er)(ing).
ADIattitude director indicator.
ADMaverage delay per movement (air traffic flow management).
ADMAPAntarctic Digital Magnetic Anomaly Project.
ADNMAdmiralty Digital Notice to Mariners.
ADONISEU project to make cycling and walking safer.
ADPCMadaptive differential pulse code modulation.
ADRaccident data recorder.
ADRadvisory route (ATC).
ADRISautomatic DR indicating system.
ADRUAir Defence Radar Unit.
ADSAutomatic Dependent Surveillance.
ADS-BAutomatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast. Aircraft broadcast their identity, position (GNSS-based) and velocity. This can be captured by receivers on the ground (ADS-B out) or in aircraft (ADS-B in).
ADS-CAutomatic Dependent Surveillance - Contract.
ADSLAsymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. For access to the Web using normal phone lines at speeds between 512 and 2,000 kbps.
ADSPAutomatic Dependent Surveillance Panel (of ICAO).
ADVANCEAdvanced Driver & Vehicle Advisory Navigation Concept (US).
ADVANTISProject looking at integrity for liability-critical applications (GJU).
AEantenna electronics.
aeEarth's equatorial radius (typically 6.378 x 106 m).
AEAAssociation of European Airlines.
AEECAirlines Electronic Engineering Committee (US).
AEIair experience instructor.
AENAAeropuertos Espanoles y Navegacion Area (Spanish ATSP).
AEPArchitecture Evolution Plan. GPS ground control Unix-based system from Apr 07.
AEROSATAeronautical Satellite (Programme).
AESIGAsociacion Espanola de Sistems de Informacion Geografica y Territo.
AEWairborne early warning.
AFadaptive filtering.
AFBAir Force Base (US).
AFCautomatic frequency control (eg in radar).
AFCIarc fault circuit interruption (to detect aircraft wiring problems).
AFCSautomatic flight control system.
AFDCautopilot flight director computer.
aFDPSAdvanced Flight Data Processing System (precursor to SESAR).
AFDSautopilot flight director system.
AFDX E/Saircraft full-duplex end system.
AFGAdvisory Financial Group (EUROCONTROL).
AFIassistant flying instructor.
AFIautomatic fault indication.
AFIGEOAssociation Francais pour Information Geographique.
AFISairfield flight information service (info but not control).
AFLTAdvanced Forward Look Trilateration. To calculate position of a mobile handset on CDMA network.
AfOLAssociation for Outdoor Learning (UK).
AFRAAAfrican Airlines Association.
AFRINAssociate Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation.
AFSAir Force Station (US).
AFSatomic frequency standard.
AFSPCAir Force Space Command (USAF).
AFSSautomated flight service station.
AFTNAeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network.
AGASAction Group for ATM Safety (EUROCONTROL). Set up as high-level group as result of 1 Jul 02 mid-air collision.
AGCAir/Ground Cooperative (Air Traffic Services Programme).
AGCautomatic gain control.
AGIair ground incident.
AGIAssociation for Geographic Information (UK).
AGILEApplication of Galileo in the LBS environment (EC FP6 2005-07).
aglabove ground level.
AGNAAdvisory Group of National Authorities (EASA).
AGNISAzimuth Guidance for Nose-in Stand (aircraft parking system).
AGOautomatic geophysical observatory.
AGORAImplementation of Global Location Referencing Approach. EC telematics project Oct 2000 - Apr 2002.
AGPS(A-GPS) Assisted GPS.
A-GPS(AGPS) Assisted GPS.
AGSAssociation of Geotechnical and Geo-environmental Specialists.
AGUAmerican Geophysical Union.
AHARSattitude and heading reference system.
AHEADEUROCONTROL programme to develop web-based AIS.
AHMSAeronautical Mesage Handling System (to replace AFTN in 2000+).
AHRSattitude and heading reference system.
AHSAdvanced Cruise-Assist Highway Systems (Japanese concept).
AHSautomated highway system.
AHWGad-hoc working group.
AIAccuracy and Integrity (Galileo Service).
AIattitude indicator.
AIAAAmerican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.
AIAAarea of intense aerial activity.
AIBAccident Investigation Board.
AICAeronautical Information Circular.
AICAutomotive Information Centre (MIRA).
AIDUAeronauical Information Documents Unit (RAF Northolt).
AIGAssociation international de geodesie (IAG).
AIMAeronautical Information Management.
AIMautonomous integrity monitoring (eg CAIM, RAIM).
AINArab Institute of Navigation.
AIONAustralian Institute of Navigation.
AIPAdministrative Incentive Pricing. Spectrum pricing to reflect its value to the user.
AIPAeronautical Information Publication.
AIPAAustralian & International Pilots Association.
AIPCNAssociation Internationale de Navigation (also PIANC). Brussels based -
AIRPROXUK term for 'airmiss'.
AIRSAutomatic Ship Identification and Reporting System (UK).
AIRWAVESProject to use GNSS in aircraft to monitor WV (EUROCONTROL).
AISAeronautical Information Service.
AISAutomatic Identification System (for shipping - IMO). For ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore exchange of dynamic (inc pos, SOG, COG, hdg, ROT), static (inc MMSI, callsign, name, size, type) and voyage (inc draft, cargo, dest, ETA, route plan) data. Uses 2 VH
AISMAssociation Internationale de Signalisation Maritime (IALA).
AIVall in view (receiver).
AIWGAirspace Infringements Working Group (CAA).
AIZaerodrome information zone.
ALalert limit/level. Max allowable error (in a measured position for example) found during integrity monitoring before an alarm is triggered.
ALAapproach and landing accident.
ALARApproach and Landing Accident Reduction (FSF initiative).
ALARPas low as reasonably practicable (of risk in using a system).
AlertThe International Maritime Human Element Bulletin (NI & LloydÕs R).
ALFENSAutomated Low Flying Enquiry & Notification System.
ALIautomatic location identification.
aliasingVisibly jagged steps along angled lines/edges (displays & maps).
ALIVEALert Interface Via EGNOS . System to broadcast warning messages (e.g. of natural disasters) in addition to the EGNOS correction signals.
ALLAdmiralty List of Lights.
ALNOTAlert Notice (of aircraft overdue).
along-track errorA position error in the direction of the intended track (IMO).
ALPAAir Line Pilots Association (US).
ALPRautomatic licence-plate recognition.
ALRSAdmiralty List of Radio Signals.
ALSaerodrome lighting system.
AltBOCConstant envelop modulation scheme for combining 2 sidebands each consisting itself of 2 binary signals (in I- and Q-channel).
AltBOC(n,m)AltBOC with chipping rate of m x 1.023 Mcps and sub-carrier frequency of n x 1.023 MHz.
AMamplitude modulation.
AMante meridian (before noon).
AM/FM EuropeAutomated Mapping/Facilities Management - European Division.
AM/FM ItAutomated Mapping/Facilities Management - Italy.
AMASSAirport Movement Area Safety System (FAA) (software package).
ambiguityThe condition obtained when one set of measurements derived from a navigation system defines more than one point, direction, LOP or surface of position (IMO).
AMCPAeronautical Mobile Communication Panel (of ICAO).
AMCSAlternate Master Control Station (GPS) - Vandenberg AFB.
AMEauthorised medical examiner (for aviation licences).
AMI-CAutomotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration (telematics standard).
AMLCDactive matrix liquid crystal display.
amphidromeA point in the sea where there is zero tidal amplitude due to cancelling of tidal waves. Cotidal lines radiate from an amphidromic point and corange lines encircle it.
AMSAAustralian Maritime Safety Agency.
AMSDAircraft Maintenance Standards Department (CAA SRG).
amslabove mean sea level.
AMSSAeronautical Mobile Satellite Service.
AMTICSAdvanced Mobile Traffic Info & Communication System (Japan).
AMVERAutomated Mutual-Assistance VEssel Rescue System (USCG).
ANAarea navigation approach.
ANASTASIAAirborne New and Advanced Satellite techniques and Technologies in A System Integrated Approach (EC FP6 project)
ANAVnetOn-line application to distribute marine warnings (IHPT).
ANCAir Navigation Commission (ICAO).
Androidmobile phone operating system for web (Google) 2008.
ANMSAutomated Notice to Mariners System.
ANOAir Navigation Order. Statutory legal instrument defining the laws of air navigation, pilot licensing etc in UK.
ANPactual navigation performance.
ANPAAdvanced Notice of Proposed Amendment (JAR-OPS).
A-NPAAdvance Notice of Proposed Amendment (EU JAA).
ANPACAssociazione Nazionale Piloti Aviazione Commerciale (It pilots Assoc).
ANPCATATCOs' union in Italy.
ANPRautomatic number plate recognition.
A-NPRMAdvance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FAA, FCC etc).
ANRactive noise reduction.
ANSEPAir Navigation Services Economics Panel (ICAO).
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute.
ANSPair navigation service provider.
ANTAirspace and Navigation Team (EUROCONTROL).
AOAAirport Operators Association.
AOAangle of arrival.
AOBangle of bank.
AOCAdvanced Operational Capability.
AOCaerodrome/airport obstruction chart.
AOCaeronautical operational control (US military).
AOCAir Operator's Certificate.
AOCaircraft operations centre.
AOCairline operational control.
AOCairline operations communications.
AOCauxiliary output chip.
AOMaircraft operating manual.
AOOarea of operations.
AOPAAircraft Owners and Pilots Association.
AORAtlantic Ocean Region (-E or -W) (of Inmarsat III satellites). AOR-E at 15.5 degrees W, AOR-W at 54 degrees W but moving to 98 degrees W in early 05.
APaccess point.
APair position.
APAir Publication (RAF) (AP3456 covers navigation).
APassumed position (estimated position for astronomical sight reduction).
APACAsia and Pacific (ICAO area).
APAPIabbreviated precision approach path indicator.
APCairline passenger correspondence (eg e-mail, internet, phone).
APCapproach control(ler) (ATC).
APIair position indicator.
APIapplication programming interface.
APLAdvanced Positioning Layer (LBS).
APLairport pseudolite.
APOLOAdvanced POsition LOcator (train location system using GNSS).
APPapproach (control).
APRapproach control radar.
APRSautomatic position reporting system.
APTSAdvanced Public Transport System.
APUauxiliary power unit.
APV-IApproach with Vertical Guidance - 1 (to runway). Requires accuracies (95%) of 220 m H, 20 m V. HAL 556 m, VAL 50 m. Time to alert 10 s. Definition may be changed by FAA in 2002-03.
APV-IIApproach with Vertical Guidance - 2 (to runway). Requires accuracies (95%) of 16 m H, 8 m V. HAL 40 m, VAL 20 m. Time to alert 6 s.
ARaugmented reality (VR images overlaid on the real world).
ARautoregressive (form of Kalman filter).
ARAairspace restricted area.
ARBAirworthiness Requirements Board (CAA).
ARCAtlantic Rally for Cruisers.
ARCCAeronautical Rescue Co-ordination Centre.
ARCCAssociated Rescue Co-ordination Centre. Centre nominated by national SAR agency to which CES normally routes distress calls.
ARCSAdmiralty Raster Chart Service.
ARCSautomatic route control system.
ARINCAeronautical Radio Inc (now just called 'ARINC'). US avionics standards-setting body whose standards are accepted world-wide.
ARKTRANSNorwegian ITS architecture.
ARMSeries of processor cores from ARM Ltd.
ARMASActive Road Management Assisted by Satellite (ESA project).
ARNATS Route Network.
ARNSAeronautical RadioNavigation Service (of allocated spectrum bands).
ARPaerodrome reference point.
ARPAautomatic radar plotting aid.
ARPUannual/average revenue per user/unit (of eg a telematics service).
ARSRair route surveillance radar.
ARTCCair route traffic control centre (US; ACC internationally).
ARTEMISAdvanced Relay and TEchnology MIssion Satellite (ESA). Planned to carry EGNOS navigation payload from mid-2001; actually achieved orbit in Jan 2003. 21.5 degrees E.
ARTESAdvanced Research in TElecommunications Systems. ESA initiatives. Element 9 involves development work for GNSS.
ARTISTAustrian Radionav Tech & Integrated Sat Nav Servs & Products T'bed.
ARTISTItalian ITS architecture.
ARUaircraft retained unit (piece of aircrew equip that stays with the ac).
ARWangular random walk (of a gyro).
Asaltostratus cloud.
ASanti-spoofing. Method of protecting against hostile imitation of signals - eg GPS PPS
ASaviation safety.
A-Santi-spoofing. In GPS the use of encryption to prevent a P-Code receiver locking to a bogus P-Code transmission.
ASABAssociation of Animal Behaviour.
ASAPAviation Safety Action Programme.
ASASAirborne Separation Assurance System.
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange. Comprises letters, digits and special characters each represented by 8 bits or 1 byte.
ASDEairport surface detection equipment (radar) (can feed AMASS).
ASDOautomatic selective door operation (rail).
ASEaltimetry system error.
ASECAPAssociation Europenne de Concessionnaires d'Autoroutes et douvrages Page
ASFadditional secondary factor (cause of Loran sig delay - also PF & SF).
ASFAir Safety Foundation (of the US AOPA).
ASIAgenzia Spatziale Italiana (Italian National Space Agency).
ASIAirspace and Safety Initiative (UK CAA).
ASIairspeed indicator.
ASICapplication-specific integrated circuit. An IC designed or adapted for a specific application.
ASKavailable seat kilometres (a measure of civil available air capacity).
aslabove sea level.
ASLapplication simulation level.
ASMairspace management.
ASMGCSAdvanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (airfield).
A-SMGCSAdvanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System.
ASMIairfield surface movement indicator.
ASMSadvanced satellite mobile system (future comms).
ASOSAutomated Surface Observation System (US - air).
ASPapplication service provider.
ASPaverage selling price.
ASQFApplication Specific Qualification Facility (EGNOS - Torrejon).
ASRairport/airfield surveillance radar.
ASRaltimeter setting region.
ASRaviation safety report.
ASRSAviation Safety Reporting System (NASA).
ASR-WSPairport surveillance radar - weather systems processor (FAA).
AssignmentAuthorisation given by a licensing authority for a radio station to use a specific radio frequency or channel under specified conditions.
ASSISTAlpine Safety, Security & Informational Services & Technologies.
ASSPApplication Specific Standard Product. IC dedicated to one specific application (like a custom IC) but with several possible customers (unlike a custom IC).
ASTEAdvanced System Telecommunication Equipment programme (ESA).
ASTRAApplication of Space Techniques Related to Aviation.
ASTRAEAAutonomous Sys Technology Related Airborne Eval & Assessment. Project to develop the next-generation of UAVs for civil applications.
ASTRONApplications on the Synergy of Earth Obs with Sat Telecoms & Nav. Under EC 5th Framework RTD Programme.
Astronomical latAngular distance between the plane of the celestial equator and the point's plumb line.
Astronomical lonAngle between the plane of the prime meridian and the plane of the point's celestial meridian.
ASVAdvanced Safety Vehicle (Japanese concept).
ATatomic time.
ATAactual time of arrival.
ATAAir Transport Alliance (EU).
ATAAir Transport Association (US).
ATAautomatic tracking aid.
ATAGAir Transport Action Group. Industry lobby gp, 80 members funded by IATA, Boeing and Airbus.
ATCadaptive tightly-coupled (eg GPS/INS integration).
ATCair traffic control.
ATCautomatic train control.
ATC EUCAir Traffic Control European Union Co-ordination (~8,000 ATCOs).
ATCAAair traffic control assigned airspace.
ATCCair traffic control centre.
ATCOair traffic control officer.
ATCRBSAir Traffic Control and Radar Beacon System.
ATCRUair traffic control radar unit.
ATDactual time of departure.
ATEalong track error.
ATEautomatic test equipment.
ATFadaptive transversal filter (eg for minimising jamming signals).
ATFMair traffic flow management.
ATISadvanced traveller information system.
ATISAlliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (US).
ATISautomatic terminal information station/service. Continuous broadcast of routine non-control aerodrome information.
ATKavailable tonne kilometres. Measures air available total capacity (combined passenger and cargo).
ATLASAirborne Topographic Laser System (QinetiQ).
ATLBAir Transport Licensing Board.
ATMaerodrome traffic monitor.
ATMair traffic management. ATM2000 is EUROCONTROL's gate-to-gate strategy initiative to 2015.
AtmosphereShell round earth extending to height of 350 km. Comprises troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and ionosphere.
ATMSadvanced traffic management system.
ATMSPAir Traffic Management Service Provider. eg: AENA - Spain, ANA - Portugal, DFS - Germany, DGAC - France, ENAV - Italy, NATS - UK.
ATMWGAir Traffic Management Working Group (IATA).
ATNAeronautical Telecommunications Network.
ATOLAssociation of Tour Operators and Leaders.
AtoN(ATON) aid(s) to navigation.
ATOPAdvanced Technologies and Oceanic Procedures (FAA).
ATPAllied Tactical Publication (NATO).
ATPAutomatic Train Protection (UK signalling safeguard).
ATPIAlong the Track Protection Interval (trains).
ATPLAir Transport Pilot's Licence.
ATRAir Transport Racking (ARINC). A standard size for avionics boxes. All 10 ins high, full ATR 10 ins wide, half ATR 5 ins wide etc.
ATSair traffic service.
ATSAircrew Training System (USAF).
ATSAair traffic service assistant.
ATSBAustralian Transport Safety Board.
ATSIair traffic services investigations.
ATSINAir Traffic Services Information Notice (CAA).
ATSOCASair traffic services outside controlled airspace.
ATSPAir Traffic Service Provider.
ATSUair traffic service unit.
ATTAdmiralty Tide Tables.
ATTadvanced transport telematics.
ATTSadvanced transport telematics system.
AT-VASISAbbreviated 'T' Visual Approach Slope Indicator System.
ATZaerodrome traffic zone. Usually 2 or 2.5 n miles radius up to 2,000ft aal.
AUastronomical unit.
AUCAir Transport Users' Council (UK CAA - 12-20 members).
augmentationAny technique of providing enhancement in order to provide improved navigation performance to the user (IMO).
AUGURA predictive GPS receiver autonomous integrity monitoring system. EUROCONTROL.
AUMall-up mass (aircraft).
AUTMAuthorised Unusable Time (NELS Loran-C - see also UTM and EUTM). Scheduled and authorised UTM with at least 72 hrs of notice.
AutoBAHNPinpoint project towards millimetre accurate real-time positioning. Newcastle University & LogicaCMG.
AUTSadditional user terminal sensor (GNSS).
AUVautonomous underwater vehicle.
AUWall-up weight (aircraft).
availabilityThe percentage of time that an aid, or system of aids, is performing a required function under stated conditions (IMO). Signal availability - of a radio signal in a specified coverage area. System availability - of a system to a user.
AVCautomatic vehicle classification.
AVCSadvanced vehicle control system.
AVGautomatic vehicle guidance.
avgasaviation gasoline (for piston aircraft).
AVIautomatic vehicle identification.
AVICaudio, video, information and communication (eg for aircraft pax).
AVIDAdded Value Information Dissemination (EU project).
AVLautomatic vehicle location.
AVLSautomatic vehicle location system.
AVMautomatic vehicle monitoring.
AVOLaerodrome visibility operational level.
AVTApplied Vehicle Technology Panel (NATO RTO).
avturaviation turbine fuel (kerosine) (for jets/turboprops).
AWACairborne warning & control.
AWAREAdvanced Weather and Reporting Enhancements. Tool being developed by NASA to present better weather info for GA pilots.
AWDSautomated weather distribution system.
AWGaural warning generator.
AWGASAerial Work & General Aviation Sub-Ctee (JAA).
AWGNadditive white Gaussian noise.
AWNAviation Weather Network (US).
AWNISAllied Worldwide Navigational Information System. Classified NATO navigational warning system.
AWOall-weather operations.
AWOPAll-Weather Operations Panel (ICAO).
AWOSAutomated Weather Observing System.
AWPautomated weather processor.
AWPRautomatic waypoint reporting.
AWRairborne weather radar.
AWSAutomatic Warning System (UK railways).

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